Bikaner Desert Camp

Cultural Program

Enjoy a folk extravaganza at the musical evening

Musical evenings are the heart and soul of desert camps in Bikaner. After you have spent an engrossing day fighting dust and sand across the Thar, it’s time to rejoice yourself with some refreshing dance moves and folk music in a relaxed environment. Rajasthan has a history of soulful and enlivening music, which makes you tap your feet to its tune.

Our Camp organize Folk dance in the evening. It totally based on rajasthani culture. kalbelia dance is one of the most popular in Bikaner. Your trip is incomplete without it.

The night further intensifies with the passage of time and it marks the arrival of Rajasthani kalbelia dancewhere dancers win it all with their sharp dance steps.

Don’t miss to capture the crystal clear view of a night sky, during the midnight hours. It presents a sight worth beholding.